Top 10 Free and Premium Page Builders For WordPress in 2021

Are you looking for a simple way to customize and create your WordPress site? That’s when drag and drop WordPress page builder plugins come in helpful.

WordPress page builders offer you to create, edit, and customize your website’s layout without having to write any code.

In this post, we will show the best drag and drop page builders for WordPress with some of their great features.

Why We Need WordPress Page Builders?

When starting a blog, many newbies find it difficult to customize their WordPress page layouts.

While many premium WordPress themes come with several page layouts, most of them are extremely difficult to customize for anyone who isn’t familiar with coding.

Well, there are a lot of great drag and drop page builder plugins available for WordPress. They help you create unique website designs in WordPress without trying to write a single line of code.

Since there are many different WordPress page builder plugins on the market, we decided to handpick the best WordPress page builders so you can choose the right one for you.

But before going into the list, let’s walk through how to select the best WordPress page builder plugin.

How Do You Select The Best WordPress Page Builders?

WordPress page builders, as previously said, are very powerful tools. They allow you to build and run WordPress websites without knowing how to code. That implies you’ll have less money to spend on developers. You can do it all yourself if you use a good WordPress page builder plugin.

The tricky part is determining which WordPress site builder is ideal for you. There are so many page builders plugins for WordPress that it’s challenging to decide which one to use.

Things to bear in mind as you go through the options:

  • Compatibility: If you do not want to change your theme, you must choose a page builder compatible with your current WordPress theme. Otherwise, you risk having problems with your design not looking correct or your theme breaking. Most of the page builders on this list are compatible with most themes and will revert to the original WordPress editor if there is an issue.
  • Mobile responsiveness: A mobile-friendly site builder is required to ensure that your website adjusts to all screen sizes. Again, all of the choices in this post are mobile-friendly.
  • Search engine optimization (SEO): Optimizing your content for search engines is a vital element to consider. The page builders listed below make it simple to optimize your content when used with an SEO plugin.
  • Stand-out features: The best WordPress page builders should make it simple to develop and edit your site in real-time. Styling choices, templates, and other content components should all be included in the visual builder.

To recap, a good page builder is simple to use, mobile-responsive, SEO-friendly, and offers a wide range of customization possibilities.

With that in mind, let’s look at the best drag and drop WordPress page builders available to WordPress users.

1. Elementor

Elementor WordPress Drag and Drop Page Builder plugin

Elementor is one of the most popular WordPress page builder plugins with a visual drag-and-drop editor. It is considered one of the earliest free and open-source WordPress page builder plugins. Elementor is the newest WordPress page builder plugin on the list, released in 2016.

Anyone may use the Elementor plugin since it is simple to use. Elementor helps you create mobile-friendly web pages with its 100 ready-to-use landing page templates. You can also alter these pre-made templates to meet your requirements.

Some of the Great Features of Elementor Are:

  • There are over 300 elements to choose from when creating unique website pages.
  • Hide or show elements in the mobile view to ensure your design is mobile-friendly.
  • Built-in popup builder for Elementor Pro.
  • Maintenance mode is built-in, allowing you to display a coming soon page or even under construction pages to visitors while making changes.
  • 100+ beautifully designed landing page templates to suit a variety of website types.
  • Theme builder to design your theme with Elementor’s website editor.
  • The revision history feature makes it easy to go back and undo changes if you make a mistake.


Elementor offers both a free plan and some premium subscription plans. The free version includes everything you need to build a great user experience on your site, including a drag-and-drop editor, 40+ basic widgets, and 30+ templates.

However, for more advanced functionality, such as adding forms and custom CSS, you may upgrade to the pro version, which starts at $49 per year for one site and goes up to $999 for 1000 sites.

2. Divi

Elegant Themes Divi

Divi Elegant Themes’ Divi Builder is a premium WordPress site builder plugin. This powerful drag-and-drop page builder allows you to create any website design. The Divi Builder is the foundation for the famous WordPress Divi theme, but it may also be used with any other standard WordPress theme.

However, combining Divi Builder with the Divi theme gives you total control over how your site appears. This site builder has over 20 styles suitable for any website. Furthermore, it provides 40+ content modules for your site, such as an audio player, comment, divider, accordion, slider, and so on.

Some of the Great Features of Divi Are:

  • Divi has 46 content components that are both versatile and simple. It has a price table, an audio player, a call to action, buttons, and more features to help you create stunning sites.
  • It lets edit the content using both the front end and backend interface. Most users prefer the frontend interface.
  • Divi version 4.0 has full theme development support. You may now use the Divi plugin to change the header, footer, templates, and so on.
  • It consists of a tone of customization option for fonts, colors, size, etc., and also, you can create custom page layouts.
  • Divi page builder allows you to add custom CSS to various components. However, you must be familiar with CSS to do so.


Divi is a premium page builder plugin. The pricing starts from $89 a year for unlimited sites. For lifetime access, you’ll need to pay $249.

3. Beaver Builder

Beaver Builder best WordPress page builder plugin

The most user-friendly WordPress page builder plugin on the market is Beaver Builder. It has a frontend visual editor to create pages with real-time previews.

Beaver Builder is also one of the top WordPress landing page plugins, and you can quickly drag and drop content modules, modify, and create a landing page. There are several robust and ready-to-use content modules available. Each module may be customized using an easy-to-use toolbar at the top.

If you wish to start with a template, over 30 professionally designed templates are available. Using a template helps you create a webpage even faster by simply changing the sample content with your information and pictures.

Beaver Builder is a Gutenberg-compatible plugin that is entirely responsive. It is available in two versions: free and premium. You may get the free version from and use it to make simple landing pages.

Some of the Great Features of Beaver Builder Are:

  • Drag and drop frontend editor for designing your pages in real-time.
  • Over 30 landing page templates to tweak and make your own.
  • Tons of content templates to help create your about page, contact page, blog, and more.
  • Many modules you can drag to your pages, such as galleries, sliders, testimonials, buttons, etc.
  • Lets you add contact forms to your site via WordPress widgets and shortcodes.
  • Beaver Builder lite and its live demo let you try all the features before you commit to buying.


There is a free version of Beaver Builder, available for free on the repository. However, the premium version starts from $99 a year.

4. WPBakery Page Builder

WPBakery Page Builder Plugin for WordPress

WPBakery Page Builder is one of the most popular visual editor WordPress plugins with millions of users. This plugin was previously known as a Visual Composer plugin. It supports both frontend and backend editing, allowing you to update your website’s content easily. With this plugin, you may use any other WordPress widget.

Furthermore, it provides 50+ content elements for your website. You may also select from more than 100 pre-built templates. Not only that, but it also offers a large selection of over 150 add-ons to let you easily personalize your site.

Also, the page builder plugin WP Bakery is integrated with Yoast SEO, keeping the site SEO friendly.

Some of the Great Features of WPBakery Page Builder Are:

  • It comes with 60+ pre-designed layouts that can be customized according to your website needs.
  • WP Bakery integrates with major multilingual WordPress plugins such as Polylang and WPML. As a result, it makes it simple to create multilingual websites.
  • WP Bakery page builder skin builder makes it easy to customize the overall look of your website.
  • This plugin’s add-ons and extension feature let you add various features such as content boxes, audio player, WooCommerce features, etc.
  • WP Bakery functionalities can be extended more with WP Bakery page builder API (Application programming interface).


WP Bakery is a premium plugin of WordPress. The pricing starts from $45 a year for a single site to $245 a year for use in a single SaaS (Software as a service) application.

5. Visual Composer

Visual Composer Website Builder

Visual Composer is an easy-to-use WordPress website editor that quickly designs custom website layouts.

It includes a simple drag-and-drop builder, pre-built content elements, professional templates, and many other valuable tools for creating a website.

It offers a real frontend editing experience for building a website, similar to Beaver Builder. However, this plugin has a lot more capabilities. Visual Composer is the only plugin that lets you customize every part of your landing page, including the logo, menus, headers, footers, and sidebars.

All WordPress themes are compatible with Visual Composer. This allows you to change themes without losing any custom layouts made using Visual Composer. Yoast SEO, Google Fonts, and the new Gutenberg editor are all supported.

Visual Composer is built for experts, as seen by their attention to detail, such as remembering your color preferences, allowing you to utilize the same color palette throughout your design.

Some of the Great Features of Visual Composer Are:

  • It’s working with almost all WordPress themes and the new block editors.
  • Intuitive design options let you take control of your site design with no coding needed. Change backgrounds colors, add brilliant parallax effects, and more.
  • Compatible with custom post types so you can add variety to your site.
  • Includes professionally designed templates and content elements.
  • Use flexible rows and grid templates to position your content.
  • Works alongside WooCommerce so you can build beautiful online stores.


Visual Composer is available in free and premium versions. The premium version costs around $59 a year to $349 a year when switching to the premium version.

6. SeedProd

SeedProd Page Builder

SeedProd is the top WordPress landing page plugin. Its drag-and-drop builder allows you to design unique websites. To start, there are many templates to select from.

You may use the plugin to make sales pages, coming soon pages, maintenance mode pages, opt-in pages, webinars, and more. It also has a live preview feature, which allows you to see all of the changes as they happen.

But it is SeedProd’s ease of use and straightforward design that identifies it as the finest WordPress page builder. Anyone with no technical experience can begin using the plugin. Furthermore, several customization tools exist for creating pages just how you want them.

And SeedProd easily integrates with third-party email marketing services such as Constant Contact, Drip, ActiveCampaign, and more.

You can also use SeedProd to create completely custom WordPress themes from scratch without writing any code.

Some of the Great Features of SeedProd Are:

  • It has reCAPTCHA spam protection that helps to detect spammers.
  • With the access control feature, you can allow specific users or IP addresses to access your site even in construction mode.
  • SeedProd is integrated with popular email marketing services, Google analytics, and Zapier.
  • It produces bloat-free minimal code that makes your site loading speed fast.
  • 100% mobile responsive page builder plugin that looks great on all devices.


SeedProd is available for free. However, a premium version costs around $39.50 a year for a single site to $239.50 a year for an unlimited site.

7. Themify Builder


Themify is a popular WordPress theme store that includes a Themify builder with WordPress themes. You may use the Themify Page Builder plugin with non-Themify WordPress themes.

It comes with various drag-and-drop modules and 40 professional templates suited to particular niches.

This plugin allows you to edit your pages from the backend or the frontend. In both sorts of interfaces, you may quickly move modules around and fully edit them. You may soon arrange the modules in rows and columns and create grids.

Some of the Great Features of Themify Builder Are:

  • 60+ pre-built animation effects and layouts for easy page design.
  • Undo and redo changes if you’re not completely satisfied with your layout.
  • Copy modules to other pages for re-using elsewhere on your website.
  • Add a variety of map styles to WordPress with the Maps Pro add-on.
  • Take advantage of over 25 different add-ons like Slider Pro, Bar Chart, Contact, and more.


There is a free version of Themify Builder, available for free on the repository. However, the premium version starts from $59 a year.

8. SiteOrigin Page Builder

SiteOrigin Best Free WordPress Page Builder

With over 1 million active installations, SiteOrigin’s Page Builder is the most popular free WordPress page builder plugin. It offers a simple drag-and-drop interface that allows you to customize your site without knowing how to code. Furthermore, the live editing function allows you to see and change your content in real-time.

All of your WordPress widgets are fully integrated with the plugin. Any widgets from the SiteOrigin Widgets Bundle can also be found here. Additionally, the plugin works with all WordPress themes. You may go back and forth between the changes you’ve made using the history browser.

Some of the Great Features of SiteOrigin Page Builder Are:

  • Reorder rows, move widgets, resize columns, and build your page with drag and drop functionality.
  • Save time with an undo and redo option if you make a mistake.
  • Works with WordPress widgets to add your favorite widgets to your website.
  • Includes a range of site origin widgets to add functionality to your site.
  • Compatible with the new WordPress block editor.


SiteOrigin has a free version available for free on the repository. However, you can switch to its premium plan for advanced features that start from $29 a year for a single site up to $99 a year for unlimited sites.

9. Thrive Architect

Thrive Architect Page Builder

One of Thrive Themes’ most popular visual editor WordPress plugins is Thrive Architect. It’s the updated version of what was formerly known as Thrive Content Builder. It includes 40 great widgets as well as 269 landing page layouts. As a result, you’ll be able to create your website fast and effortlessly.

It’s a straightforward drag-and-drop page builder that’s perfect for conversion-oriented websites. This plugin also includes several conversion components, such as customizable buttons, testimonials, lead generating forms, and countdown timers. You may also use the page event options to create events for the page.

Some of the Great Features of Thrive Architect:

  • It offers customizable call-to-action buttons, countdown timers, testimonial boxes, lead generation forms, etc.
  • With responsive previews, it supports redo/undo changes made.
  • A breadcrumb selector/navigation in Thrive Architect allows you to go between different posts and pages.
  • For more styling designs, it has animation effects action and supports hover effects.
  • The custom CSS feature of Thrive Architect allows you to add your CSS styling to the page design.


It is a premium plugin. It starts from $67 a year for a single site to $97 a year for five sites.

10. Brizy

Brizy Visual Page Builder for WordPress

Brizy Builder is a relatively new yet inventive WordPress page builder available on the market. This drag-and-drop WordPress page builder makes it simple to move content elements, columns, and rows to the desired position.

It allows you to build your site with elements such as texts, buttons, images, maps, videos, and more. It also includes 150 pre-built blocks as well as over 4000 icons. You may use keywords to get the icons you need or filter by category. Furthermore, because your website is backed up in the cloud, you can rest assured that your work is secure.

Some of the Great Features of Brizy Are:

  • Includes sliders, tabs, and other great design tools to make your site easier.
  • Create pages in a few clicks with the simple drag and drop interface.
  • See all your changes in real-time with the visual editor.
  • Choose from over 400 pre-built designs.
  • Use animated sliders within blocks to add interest to your design.


Brizy has both free and premium versions. Switching to the premium version will cost you between $49 and $99 a year, depending on the number of sites you have.

Choosing the Best WordPress Page Builders for Your Needs

We’ve compiled a list of the top page builders for WordPress, so you can easily create, update, and manage your website. Let’s explore which one is the greatest suit for the needs of your website.

Best Value for Money

Elementor Pro, Divi, or Visual Composer are all good options if you want a lot of functionality at a decent cost.

SeedProd, on the other hand, is an excellent choice if you’re only interested in creating landing pages.

Best Free Page Builder

Don’t worry if adhering to a budget is your top concern. Several excellent WordPress page builder plugins will meet your needs.

Elementor, Themify Builder, and others are among the best on our list.

Best Page Builders for Beginners

On the other hand, picking an intuitive and simple-to-use WordPress page builder could be your top priority.

While none of those mentioned above are very complex, Beaver Builder, Themify Builder, Brizy, and other beginner-friendly choices are the best.

Page Builders for Experienced Users

Page Builder by SiteOrigin, Beaver Builder, Divi, WPBakery Page Builder, Thrive Architect, and others are recommended for people with more expertise who are comfortable utilizing simple HTML and CSS codes.

We hope this post help you find the best WordPress drag and drop page builder plugins for your site. If so, you may also want to check out the following posts: