18 Best Chrome Extensions for SEO Professionals and Bloggers

Are you looking for ways to improve the visibility of your website in search engines? Look no further than Chrome extensions for SEO.

Chrome extensions are powerful tools that can help you with various aspects of search engine optimization, from keyword research to on-page optimization and backlink analysis.

In this article, we’ll show you some of the best Chrome extensions for SEO that can boost your website’s search engine rankings.

What is SEO, and Why is it So Important?

Before we dive into the list of Chrome extensions for SEO, let’s first understand what SEO is and why it is important.

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimization, and it refers to the practice of improving websites and online content to rank better in search engine results pages (SERPs) for specified keywords or phrases. The aim of SEO is to increase visibility and traffic to a website, resulting in more conversions, leads, and money.

Why is SEO important? The answer is simple: the higher your website ranks in search engine results pages, the more likely it is that people will click on your website and visit it. This means that SEO can drive more traffic to your website, increase your brand awareness, and, ultimately, generate more revenue for your business. However, SEO is a complicated and ever-changing industry that needs constant effort and optimization to succeed.

How Chrome Extensions Can Help with SEO

Chrome extensions are small software that may be installed on your Chrome browser to improve its functionality.

There are thousands of Chrome extensions available, many of which are specifically built for SEO. Chrome extensions may help you with keyword research, on-page optimization, backlink analysis, competitor analysis, and technical SEO, among other things.

By using the right Chrome extensions, you can save time, streamline your SEO process, and get better results.

Top Chrome Extensions for Keyword Research

Keyword research is the backbone of SEO. It involves researching the keywords and phrases that your target audience is looking for and optimizing your website around those keywords. Here are some of the top Chrome extensions for keyword research:

1. Keywords Everywhere

Keywords Everywhere is a popular Chrome extension for keyword research. It provides search volume, CPC, and competition data for keywords directly in your browser, making it easy to research and find profitable keywords.

With Keywords Everywhere, you can see search volume data for keywords on Google, YouTube, Bing, Amazon, eBay, and more. The extension also provides related keyword ideas and allows you to save keyword lists for future reference.

Keyword Anywhere Chrome Extension

2. Ubersuggest

Ubersuggest is a free Chrome extension and a great SEO tool that displays monthly search volume, CPC, and keyword competition data.

The Ubersuggest extension will offer you insightful data related to a given keyword query on Google and on sites such as YouTube, Amazon, and others.

The extension also offers other important SEO data, including domain metrics, traffic data, and backlink data. This allows you to easily analyze the SEO performance of any website or page you’re viewing.

Ubersuggest Chrome Extension

Additionally, the Ubersuggest SEO extension offers graphs and trends that show monthly mobile and desktop searches for a particular keyword.

3. Keyword Surfer

Keyword Surfer lets you come up with keyword ideas and see search volumes straight into Google.

With every new search on Google, you’ll get valuable insights into search volume, CPC, keyword suggestions, related keywords, visibility metrics, and on-page metrics.

Keyword Surfer: SEO Chrome Extension

You can also build keyword collections to easily save your important keywords. Whenever you need to, you may export collections as a .csv file.

Chrome Extensions for On-Page Optimization

On-page optimization is the process of improving the structure and content of your website in order to increase its relevance and user experience. These are some of the best Chrome extensions for on-page optimization:

1. SEOquake

SEOquake is an SEO Chrome extension by Semrush that provides you with a wealth of SEO data for any web page you visit. It shows you the page’s title, meta description, header tags, keyword density, and more.

It also provides you with on-page SEO audit tools, such as a keyword density analyzer and a broken links checker.

SEO Chrome Extension - SEOquake

Further, if you have a Semrush account, you can connect it to the plugin to get even more data points.

2. Check My Links

Check My Links is a free Chrome extension that scans web pages for broken links. It highlights any broken links on the page, making it simple to fix them and boost your website’s user experience and SEO.

Check My Links

3. Woorank

Woorank does a complete SEO audit of any website, including on-page optimization factors, including title tags, meta descriptions, and header tags. It also offers a list of recommended optimizations to help your page’s SEO.


Chrome Extensions for Backlink Analysis

Backlinks are a key component of SEO. They are links from other websites pointing to your website that tell search engines that your website is authoritative and trustworthy. Here are some of the top Chrome extensions for backlink analysis:

1. Ahrefs SEO Toolbar

Ahrefs SEO Toolbar is a powerful Chrome extension that shows backlink data for any web page you visit. It shows you the page’s backlink profile, including the number of backlinks, referring domains, and domain rating. It also provides you with on-page SEO data, such as the page’s title, meta description, and header tags.

Ahrefs - Chrome Extension for SEO

2. MozBar

MozBar is a well-known SEO toolbar that gives you quick access to crucial SEO metrics such as page authority, domain authority, and spam score. It also gives an in-depth analysis of a webpage’s backlinks, including the overall number of links, linking domains, and top pages.

SEO Chrome Extension - MozBar

3. LinkMiner

LinkMiner is a Chrome extension developed by Mangools that provides backlink analysis, including backlink profiles, referring domains, and top pages. It also offers important link metrics such as Citation Flow, Trust Flow, and Link Strength. Additionally, it offers a feature to check broken links on a webpage.

LinkMiner Extension

4. Majestic Backlink Analyzer

The Majestic Backlink Analyzer offers in-depth backlink analysis, including link metrics such as Citation Flow and Trust Flow, as well as link type, anchor text, and link history. It also gives an overview of the website’s backlink profile, including total backlinks and referring domains.

Majestic Backlink Analyzer

Chrome Extensions for Technical SEO

Technical SEO is the practice of optimizing your website’s technical infrastructure to improve its crawling and indexing by search engines. Here are some of the top Chrome extensions for technical SEO:

1. Web Developer

Web Developer is a popular Chrome extension that provides you with a suite of tools for web development and technical SEO. It allows you to disable JavaScript, CSS, and images, which can help you identify technical issues with your website. It also provides you with tools for analyzing HTTP headers, checking links, and more.

Web Developer Chrome Extension

2. User-Agent Switcher

User-Agent Switcher allows you to switch between user agents, making it easy to test how a website looks and functions on different devices and browsers. This is especially useful for mobile and tablet optimization.

User Agent Switcher

3. Page Speed Insights

Page Speed Insights is a free Chrome extension that offers insights into your website’s page speed and performance. It shows you your website’s performance score, loading time, and recommendations for improvement. It also provides you with insights into your website’s mobile performance.

Page Speed Insights Chrome Extension

Other Useful Chrome Extensions for SEO

Here are some other useful Chrome extensions for SEO that you may find helpful:

1. Hunter

Hunter allows you to find email addresses associated with the websites you visit. In addition to email addresses, you can get names, job titles, social networks, and phone numbers. It can help you with outreach and link-building efforts, which are important aspects of SEO.

Hunter - Chrome Extension for SEO

2. Redirect Path

Redirect Path allows you to identify and analyze redirects on a webpage, including 301, 302, 404, and 500 HTTP status codes. It can help you identify and fix any issues with redirects that may be affecting a web page’s SEO performance.

Redirect Path

3. Buzzsumo

Buzzsumo’s Chrome extension allows you to see how a particular piece of content is performing without leaving your browser. The extension displays the number of engagements on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, and Reddit, as well as the number of links and the article’s evergreen score.

BuzzSumo - SEO Chrome Extension

4. Tailwind AI Marketing Content Assistant

The Tailwind AI Marketing Content Assistant Chrome extension helps you create high-quality social media posts, blog articles, and other marketing content quickly and easily. It uses artificial intelligence to generate content ideas, headlines, and even complete paragraphs of text.

Tailwind – AI marketing Content Assistant

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5. SEO Meta in 1 Click

It is a free SEO Chrome extension that shows meta tags and important SEO metrics of any page you visit. With it, you get instant insights on metadata and crucial metrics such as title and meta description, URL, Robots.txt and XML sitemap, etc.


Furthermore, you can also connect it with SEO performance tools like GTmetrix, PageSpeed Insights, etc., to quickly analyze the speed and performance of any page.


There you have it: the best SEO Chrome extensions to help you increase the visibility of your website in search engines.

They can help in your SEO efforts by giving valuable insights, analyzing competitors, and optimizing website content. Whether you are an experienced SEO professional or just starting, these extensions may be a great addition to your toolset.

Take the time to learn more about each extension’s features and benefits and how they may help you take your SEO strategy to the next level.

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