Struggling to choose a WordPress theme from thousands of available options? With so many options, it can feel like searching for a needle in a haystack. Well, design is personal, so I cannot help you choose a theme that suits your aesthetic. However, I can ensure that whichever theme you choose will help your WordPress […]

Google has always valued the needs of its users. They’ve always worked for a better user experience, from keyword stuffing to introducing website load speed, a ranking consideration to mobile-first ranking. Another step in that approach is Core Web Vitals. What Are Core Web Vitals? Google uses a combination of significant metrics to rank pages, […]

Do you want to speed up a WordPress site? Fast-loading pages improve the user experience, boosts pageviews, and help your WordPress SEO. However, creating a lightning-fast website is not a one-night task. To increase the speed of your WordPress site, you’ll need dedication, consistency, and a clear plan. That is why we will talk about […]

Improving your WordPress SEO is vital for increasing website traffic. However, most WordPress SEO guides are just too complex for beginners to understand. If you want to improve your website’s traffic, you should follow the WordPress SEO best practices. We’ll go through the best WordPress SEO tips in this post to help you boost your […]

Looking for WordPress table plugins to create tables on your WordPress site? Table plugins are versatile tools that let you show information to your visitors more simply, whether you’re sharing statistics, comparing pricing, or anything else. In this post, we have hand-picked some of the WordPress table plugins for creating pricing tables, product comparisons, and […]

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If you’ve ever read a post on speed up a WordPress site, you know that WordPress cache plugins are a popular way of minimizing page load times. Slow loading speeds are especially difficult for websites with a lot of content and dynamic content (text, images, videos, and products). If you don’t optimize your website, it […]

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