Are you searching for a way to disable the search feature in WordPress? Many times you may not need a search feature because you have a simple business website, you are part of a growing community of one-page websites, or your theme settings don’t allow you to remove the search feature. We will show you […]

Are you looking for a simple way to hide the WordPress admin bar? You may easily disable the WordPress admin bar for any user from the dashboard by default. However, if your site has many registered users, this approach may take some time. We’ll show you how to hide the WordPress admin bar for all […]

Are you looking to add SVG files to your WordPress site? WordPress allows you to upload all popular image, audio, and video file types by default, but SVG isn’t one of them. In this blog post, I will share a guide on how to upload SVG images to WordPress using a plugin or adding a […]

WordPress compresses your images by default for better performance. When you upload a JPEG image to WordPress, it automatically compresses it to 90% quality. This figure was further reduced to 82% in WordPress 4.5 to optimize site speed for mobile visitors. If you are a photographer who likes to display high-quality images on your website, […]

WordPress 5.3 (Kirk) introduced a new feature to ask the administrators to confirm their email periodically when they login to the admin. The intention behind this functionality was to reduce the risk of getting locked out of the site if the email address has been changed. While this seems to be a good way to […]