6 Best Schema Plugins For WordPress to Improve CTR

Are you looking for the best schema plugins for WordPress to help you show rich snippets in Google Search?

Using schema markup is one of the most effective strategies to optimize your website for higher rankings. It is, however, underused.

You may have noticed rich snippets in search results. These snippets include star ratings, FAQs, phone numbers, the author’s name and photo, dates, times, and other information.

Have you ever wondered how you may make these snippets show on your site?

If so, you’ve come to the correct place. In this post, I’ll show you the best WordPress Schema Plugins for adding schema markups and rich snippets.

But first, let’s discuss schema markups and their benefits.

What Are Schema Markup & Rich Snippets?

Rich snippets are additional details that appear around your website’s link.

Schema markup is HTML code that is used to create rich snippets.

Take a look at this example.

Rich Snippets Example

Suppose you want to buy a Darth Maul toy lightsaber.

You go to Google and type “Star Wars Darth Maul Lightsaber.”

The results are seen in the image above.

As you can see, you don’t just get links to the various websites that sell the toy.

You will also receive a lot of additional information to help you decide which link to click.

Amazon shows star ratings and customer reviews.

Entertainment Earth includes the toy’s price, length, height, and weight.

Valuable pieces of information, right?

These are your rich snippets.

And if you add them to your site, you’ll naturally boost it higher on Google’s SERPs.

How Rich Snippets Boost Your SEO Ranking?

Rich snippets do not directly impact your site’s ranking in Google’s SERPs.

However, they can still help you rank higher on Google.

Assume you want to bake a Black Forest cake for a loved one’s birthday.

You go to Google and type “Black Forest Cake Recipe.”

You’ll get the following results:

Recipe Rich snippets

Which recipe would you choose if you were a busy cake-lover? One with a 5-star rating and a baking time of 2 hours and 45 minutes? Or one with a 4.9-star rating and 3 hours and 45 minutes baking time?

Obviously, you’d pick the first option.

The star rating, votes, and description encourage you to visit livforcake.com to find your recipe.

What Are The Advantages Of Using Schema Markups?

Here are some advantages of using schema markups.

  • Increase Click-Through Rates: Schema markups help your website appear more prominently in search engines, increasing click-through rates.
  • Show Rich Snippets: Without a schema markup, your website will not display schema markups like the ones seen above.
  • Improve Website Ranking: Websites that use schema markup typically rank higher than those that do not.

What to Look For in a WordPress Schema Plugins

Now that we’ve discussed what schema markup & rich snippets are and their benefits, it’s time to talk about how to look for the best ones.

Here are a few things we need to look for in the best schema plugins to use on your websites.

Ease of Use

Schema is easier to learn than other programming languages or codes. However, adding them to your website is time-consuming, especially if you have a number of pages or products to add them to.

The primary goal of using a plugin is to make that process easier.

So, when looking for the best schema plugin for your WordPress site, we need a plugin that is simple to use for both beginners and advanced users.

The user interfaces must be simple enough to cover all bases when adding schema markup.

Supported Schema Types

There are different types of schema. A few of these are recipes, reviews, author, company, restaurants, services, and many more. Check to see if the schema plugins support the types you’re likely to use the most.

Custom Field Support

Custom field support is another great feature of a schema plugin.

Because technology is continuously growing and evolving, who knows what information is required to be provided on your rich snippets that aren’t readily available?

As a precaution, it would be good to have a plugin that supports adding custom fields whenever possible and needed.

Adding Schema With Automation

As previously said, adding schema is not a simple task. If you have a number of pages and products, you’d have to add them all and repeat the process.

And if something changed, you’d have to redo everything.

To avoid this, the ability to add schema with automation would be a huge benefit. This means you can apply global settings and preferences to all of your pages without having to spend hours or days doing and redoing them.

Plugin Support

Every WordPress plugin is created differently. One of the most basic things that user check for when selecting plugins is the support that they may get when they need it.

Premium plugins are expected to have some form of support, whereas free plugins are more difficult to find.

So, it’s always good to know there is support if you need it.

Now that we’ve narrowed down what to look for in a schema plugin. Let’s dive right into the list of the best schema plugins.

6 Best WordPress Schema Plugins

There are several Schema plugins available for different uses. Here, I’ll share a list of the best schema plugins for WordPress to help you choose the best one for you.

1. Schema Pro

Schema Pro Best Schema WordPress Plugin

Schema Pro is the best WordPress schema plugin that provides a simple yet effective way to automate schema markup. This paid plugin allows you to create markups quickly.

This plugin supports the following schema types:

  • Review
  • Local Business
  • Article
  • Service
  • Product
  • Course
  • Person
  • Recipe
  • Job Postings
  • Book
  • Software Application
  • Event
  • Video Object
  • And more.

Additionally, It also supports custom fields, allowing you to add your own values. If you’re looking for a plugin that can help you outperform your competitors in search engines, this is the plugin for you. It provides eye-catching results and displays positive information such as ratings and votes, encouraging users to visit your page.

Top Features:

  • JSON-LD support.
  • Custom fields support.
  • Includes filters for additional fields.
  • Clean code that meets Google’s guidelines.
  • Markup automation.


Schema Pro costs $79 a year or $249 for a lifetime license.

2. WP Review Pro

WP Review - Best WordPress Review Plugin

WP Review Pro is yet another excellent Schema plugin for WordPress. This plugin allows you to create and publish high-quality reviews on your WordPress site.

You can create reviews and choose how to show them. You can choose from several different rating systems. This includes the star, percentage, point, and circle.

Another useful feature of this WordPress plugin is the ability to enable user comments and reviews.

This plugin supports 19 different types of a schema for reviews and star ratings, including:

  • Recipes
  • Restaurants
  • Games
  • Movies
  • Product
  • Place
  • Software applications
  • And more.

Top Features:

  • 16 unique templates.
  • Multiple review rating systems (star, point, percentage, circle, thumbs).
  • Compatible with any WordPress theme.
  • Show related reviews in a popup.
  • Support for Google reviews, Facebook reviews, and Yelp.
  • User comments & reviews.
  • Compatible with caching plugins.
  • Translation ready.


WP Review offers a free version that is available from the WordPress.org repository.

However, WP Review Pro costs $67 for unlimited sites with one year of updates and support.

3. All In One Schema Rich Snippets

All in One Schema Rich Snippets WordPress Plugin

All in One Schema Rich Snippets is a free rich snippets plugin created by the same developer that created Schema Pro, the #1 plugin on our list.

One of the core advantages of this plugin is that it is completely free to use.

It doesn’t have a lot of fancy designs, but it has all you need for rich snippets on your website.

The downside of using this plugin is that it does not support automation.

You’ll need to manually add schema markup to each site page.

The plugins support the following schemas:

  • Review
  • Event
  • People
  • Product
  • Recipe
  • Software Application
  • Video
  • Articles

Top Features:


All in One Schema Rich Snippets is completely free to use.

4. Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP

Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP – WordPress Plugin

With Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP, you can add rich snippets based on Schema.org requirements. The plugin has over 35 schema types, ranging from blog posts to news.

The conditional display field functionality allows you to include or exclude any posts or pages. You may also import data from other schema plugins.

If you use the Gutenberg WordPress editor, you can use the blocks to build your own content, and the JSON schema markup will be automatically added.

The plugins support the following schemas:

  • Blog posting
  • Local Business
  • News article
  • Recipe
  • Video Object
  • Course
  • Review
  • TV Series
  • Event
  • Job Posting
  • And more

Top Features:

  • Supports conditional display fields.
  • Migration support.
  • Fully compatible with AMP.
  • It allows you to import the data from other schema plugins.
  • Supports breadcrumbs.
  • JSON-LD output.


A free version is available that you can download from the WordPress repository.

However, The Pro version starts from $99 for a single site.

5. Schema App Structured Data

Schema App Structured Data – WordPress Plugin

Another popular Schema plugin that Neil Patel recommends is Schema APP Structured Data.

Once installed, it helps you automatically create schema.org markup for all of your pages, posts, authors, and categories, based on existing content.

It also helps you display Google Sites Structure features such as Breadcrumbs, Sitelinks Searchbox, and your site name in search results.

You can use their schema APP tools to create custom markup for a website’s local business, organization, reviews, contact page, etc.

It also supports WooCommerce products and provides access to its pro team.

The plugins support the following schemas:

  • Page
  • Post
  • Search
  • Author
  • Category
  • Tag
  • Blog
  • Breadcrumb List
  • Website

Top Features:

  • JSON-LD output.
  • Support Google Site Structures such as breadcrumbs, sitelinks, and search box.
  • WooCommerce integration.
  • Custom Fields support.


A free version is available that you can download from the WordPress repository.

However, The Pro version starts at $30 per month.

6. All in One SEO (AIOSEO)

All in One SEO Pack - Best WordPress SEO Plugin

AIOSEO is not just a schema plugin. Instead, it’s a full-featured WordPress SEO plugin that can also handle your schema.

So, with this one plugin, you can do the following things:

The plugin can set up all of these schema types with just a couple of clicks:

  • Recipe
  • Product
  • FAQ
  • Article
  • Course
  • Software application
  • Real estate listing
  • And more.


AIOSEO starts at $49.50 per year.

How to Test Your Rich Snippets and Structured Data?

The most straightforward solution is to use Google’s Structured Data Testing Tool.

Enter the URL of the page you want to test, then click “Run Test,” and you’ll get the results within a minute or two.

Google Structured Data Testing Tool

The Google Structured Data Testing Tool can tell you if your schema markup is valid and if there are any warnings or errors.

You don’t have to fix the warnings. However, errors will prevent your rich snippet results from appearing. Therefore you must fix any errors that have been reported.

Which WordPress Schema Plugin Is Good for Your Website

Now that we’ve covered all of the schema plugins that would be ideal for your site, the real challenge is deciding which one is perfect for you. Don’t worry; we’ve got some suggestions for you.

Need an Automation Feature?

If you’re searching for a plugin that includes automation functionality, Schema Pro is your best option.

Schema App Structured Data is another excellent plugin with an automated function that you should look into.

Need a Free Plugin?

If you’re looking for a free plugin, our top pick is Schema & Structured Data for WP & AMP. You can use this plugin to provide schema markup and rich snippets, but you can also use it to enable additional SEO tools like AMP.

Need a “Reviews Only” Plugin?

If you’re searching for a “reviews only” plugin to add ratings and review features to your website, I’d recommend WP Review Pro.

It supports various schema types, platforms, and even third-party plugins like WooCommerce. Furthermore, you can try this plugin using their free/lite version.


If you’re seeking the best standalone Schema plugin, we recommend Schema Pro.

Schema Pro has up-to-date and simple-to-use features like automated schema generation, JSON-LD output, and lightweight.

We hope this post help you find the best schema plugins for WordPress websites. For your next steps, you’ll find these resources helpful: