10 WordPress Event Plugins for Your Website

WordPress event plugins are essential whether you are starting an events business, wish to improve the exposure of your events, or use booking as part of your business.

With hundreds of event plugins for WordPress available, how can you separate the good from the bad? How do you balance their advantages and disadvantages or determine whether they are a worthwhile buy?

Here’s where we come in.

We looked all over the internet for the best WordPress events plugins available. We put them through their tests, weighed and measured them, and came up with the ten WordPress event plugins on the market right now.

WordPress Event Plugins?

WordPress events plugins may be as simple as adding a calendar to your website to notify users of future events, or they can be much more complex. Ticketing, resource and time allocation, participant management, and email follow-up after the event are features of fully working WordPress events plugins.

Plugins like this can provide a wealth of tools to handle events at a much lower cost for websites that don’t require a complete event management platform. It’s all thanks to a WordPress plugin.

How Do Events Help in Website Promotion?

Events may be an effective method to advertise a company. Advertisements, online content, email outreach, and other tools are helpful, but nothing compares to the human touch and engagement that an event can provide.

Events allow you to display your products, services, or talents. Events may use it to promote your event location, showcase how popular you are by showing a full calendar, or earn income in various ways.

When you add social media involvement to the mix, you’ve got yourself a potent advertising cocktail. Promote the event online and encourage guests to share it on social media and write feedback. Support the event with content marketing, and you’ve got yourself an excellent opportunity to advertise a company!

10 Best WordPress Event Plugins

Using one of these WordPress event plugins, you can integrate events into your website far more quickly than you would imagine.

1. The Events Calendar

The Events Calendar – WordPress Plugin

The Events Calendar is WordPress.org’s most popular events plugin, with over 800,000 active installations. It is available in free and pro editions and various addons that provide more features.

You may create a calendar with featured events and search features with this plugin. It may also provide date information for your users’ time zones, show locations using maps, and much more.

The Events Calendar provides a simple design for your calendar that works well with most themes. If you want, you may also use CSS to change the design of your calendar.

The Following Features Make The Events Calendar a Great Choice:

  • Create an events calendar on your website.
  • Add as many events as you want.
  • Provide a search bar to help clients in locating the events they are looking for.
  • Events can import from third-party sites.
  • Using CSS, you may change the appearance of your calendar.


There is a free version of the Events Calendar that covers the essential functionality and a premium version that starts at $99 per year.

2. Events Manager

Events Manager

While The Events Calendar is the most popular plugin on WordPress.org, Events Manager is a close second with over 100,000 active installs.

The plugin’s free version is quite helpful and can easily handle simple events. Payment choices, event emails, PayPal and Stripe payments, discounts and coupons, customized booking forms, and much more are all included in the premium edition.

You may also enable users to submit events using a frontend form, a unique feature of Events Manage.

Although your calendar does not have many style choices, this plugin allows you a lot of flexibility over your event pages and how people interact with them.

The Following Features make The Events Manager a Great Choice:

  • The Events Manager plugin provides a complete event creation and sharing center for free.
  • You can integrate the BuddyPress plugin for sharing events in your social network.
  • Recurring and multi-day events.
  • The plugin puts a high value on location. Therefore you may use Google Maps to build up an area to display events depending on their location.


Events Manager offers a free version that covers essential functionality. However, The premium version costs $75 a year for one site or $150 for five sites.

3. WP Event Manager

WP Event Manager

Another event plugin for WordPress is WP Event Manager. The main plugin is free and open-source, and it focuses on the calendar view. There are additional paid add-ons available to enhance the functionality further if necessary.

WP Event Manager is a recent plugin that works in a slightly different way. It was created to integrate with your website and theme to display events. It also has a strong Ajax search capability, which is lacking in some other plugins.

User submission forms for events, a fully configurable design that fits into any website, multiple view options, a simple event dashboard for busy calendars, and much more are all included in WP Event Manager.

The Following Features make The WP Event Manager a Great Choice:

  • Completely Ajaxified for super smooth browsing.
  • It has caching built-in, an excellent search module, and a completely responsive design.
  • SEO friendly & compatible with the best SEO WordPress plugins.
  • Shortcodes allow you to add searchable and filterable Ajax-powered event listings to your pages.


The core WP Event Manager is open source and free to use. Addons can be purchased to add new features. They are available in bundles for $240 or $498 or individually for $39 each.

4. All-in-One Event Calendar

Free All-in-One Events Calendar Plugin for WordPress - Time.ly

Timely All-in-One Event Calendar is another WordPress events calendar plugin with a lot of valuable features. It features the best-looking yet most user-friendly UI.

That is why it is a fantastic choice for individuals who are unfamiliar with WordPress plugins. It’s simple.

You may create recurring events using the All-in-One Event Calendar. It also has Google Maps integration, which allows you to pinpoint the exact location on a map. It can also use external calendars such as Google Calendar and iCal.

You may see events by category or tag by using the filter features. You may also sort by day/week/month/agenda/posterboard view. Color coding events is also an option for easy identification. Importing and exporting events to other Website calendars is also possible.

The Following Features make the All-in-One Event Calendar a Great Choice:

  • It’s simple to create and post events.
  • Events may be filtered by categories, tags, organizers, and locations.
  • Import and share calendars with Google Calendar, Apple iCal, Microsoft Outlook, and any other system that supports iCalendar (.ics) feeds.
  • The calendar and events pages are SEO-friendly.
  • Your audience may share events straight from your calendar using social media sharing icons.


There is a free version of the All-in-One Event Calendar that works as a regular WordPress plugin. Premium subscriptions use their cloud platform to host your events and provide additional features. Premium plans range in price from $14.99 per month to $83.10 per month when paid yearly.

5. Modern Events Calendar

Best WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

The Modern Events Calendar delivers what it says. It’s a WordPress events plugin built around a calendar that can highlight events on any website. It’s a well-designed product that comes in both a free and a paid edition.

Modern Events Calendar Lite is the name of the free edition. It’s simple to use and can be integrated into your website with little effort. User-submitted events, flexible event scheduling, event recurrence, multiple layout choices, WordPress shortcode compatibility, and the ability to share events with external calendars are some of the features.

The Following Features make Modern Events Calendar a Great Choice:

  • Unlimited Events may be created and published.
  • Free integrations, such as PayPal and Google Calendar are available.
  • Visual Composer and WooCommerce are both supported by the Modern Events Calander.
  • Transfer your events from Meetup to MEC with a simple click.


Modern Events Calendar comes with a free edition as well as three paid plans. The premium edition ranges from $75 a year for a single license to $455 for ten licenses. Extensions can range in price from $35 to $115.

6. EventOn

Best Events WordPress Plugin: EventOn

EventOn is probably the most visually appealing WordPress events calendar plugin available. It’s desirable, and it makes excellent use of color and flat design. It is also feature-rich, making it easy to manage, present, and even organize events.

EventOn calendar function is powerful. It is simple to add events, manage them, edit or establish recurring events, and show them on a website or widget. Listings may be produced with pictures and even include a join option for Zoom or other virtual events.

The Following Features make EventOn a Great Choice:

  • Set unlimited images gallery about the event for your visitors.
  • Use Google Maps for events’ locations and directions.
  • Support right-to-left text languages.
  • Customization calendar design fast and easy.


EventOn is a premium plugin that costs $25 a year.

7. Event Organiser

Event Organiser

Event Organiser is a calendar-based plugin with an easy-to-use dashboard that displays the month. You may use the plugin to promote events, sell tickets for such events, manage reservations, personalize the booking form, send confirmation and follow-up emails, and accept payments through different payment methods.

There is a free and premium version of the plugin. The free edition includes a calendar and event booking, but payments, ticketing, and email follow-ups require the Pro version. In all versions, you may change the appearance and feel of your calendar.

The Following Features make Event Organiser a Great Choice:

  • Create one-off or recurring events.
  • You may build and manage venues and locations for any event.
  • Custom permissions allow specifying which roles can create, edit and delete events or manage venues.
  • Automatically delete expired events.


Event Organiser offers a free version that covers essential functionality. However, The premium version costs £50 a year for one site or £120 for ten sites.

8. My Calendar

My Calendar WordPress Plugin

My Calendar should satisfy you if you’re searching for a free plugin that allows you to have multiple calendars on one site and supports WordPress multisite.

It may display several calendars on a single website, organized by categories, authors, locations, or simply a list of upcoming events.

There are grid and list views available, as well as monthly, weekly, and daily views. When you need to fit a calendar into your sidebar, you get a few mini calendars (in the form of widgets and shortcodes).

Overall, the free version’s features are pretty standard, with multisite support being the most notable exception.

The Following Features make My Calendar a Great Choice:

  • Custom templates for event output.
  • You may import events from Google Calendar and iCal.
  • WordPress multisite compatibility.
  • Rich permissions are handled to restrict access to parts of My Calendar.


There is a free version of the My Calendar that covers essential functionality. However, The pro version starts at $59 for a single-year license or $249 for a lifetime license.

9. Simple Calendar

Simple Calendar

The Simple Calendar plugin allows you to import events from Google Calendar and display them in various ways on your website. With the plugin’s built-in options, you may display multiple calendars and customize their look.

Using a simple shortcode system, Simple Calendar also allows you to change the structure of any event you display. Each calendar has its shortcode, allowing you to place it anywhere on your site.

The Following Features make Simple Calendar a Great Choice:

  • Display events from any public Google Calendar.
  • Monthly grid and list views that are fully responsive and mobile-friendly.
  • Integrate with Event Calendar Newsletter to convert your events into a newsletter-friendly format easily.
  • Good support team.


There is a free version of the Simple Calendar that covers essential functionality. However, The pro version starts at $49 a year for one site and up to $149 for 25 sites.

10. Event Calendar WD

WordPress Event Calendar Plugin

Event Calendar WD is one of the best additions to your event marketing website that you could want. It can assist you with both one-time and recurrent events.

This WordPress event calendar plugin is the most convenient method for sending out event invites and selling event tickets online.

You may also customize and generate detailed descriptions for your events, attach tags, and assign descriptions using the WordPress block editor with Event Calendar WD.

Using the social sharing button in our WordPress event plugin, you can quickly spread the news about your events.

Furthermore, by utilizing the frontend event search tool, your guests will have no trouble finding your events. This WordPress calendar plugin is simple to locate in browser search results because of its SEO-friendly design.

Event Calendar WD makes it easy to plan as many events as you desire.

The Following Features make Event Calendar WD a Great Choice:

  • Create repeating events with any number of repetitions.
  • You are free to create as many calendars and events as you like.
  • The plugin works in conjunction with Google Maps to display event locations.
  • Customize the look and content of your events with ease.


Event Calendar WD has a free version that is available at the wordpress.org repository. However, The pro version starts at $25 a year and up to $60 a year.

How Do You Choose the Right Plugin for You?

When you’re busy planning events, you don’t have much time to look for plugins to help you build your website. We make it simpler for you to select the right plugin for your requirements. If you’re still undecided, have a look at this list of reasons for choosing each plugin.

  • The Events Calendar – If you want to promote your brand, purchase the Events Calendar and use various stylesheets.
  • Events Manager – If you require multiple integrations such as an iCal feed, Google Calendar, Google Maps, and others, get Events Manager.
  • All-in-One Event Calendar – Get this if you require a low-cost plugin with excellent importing, exporting, and sharing capabilities.
  • Modern Events Calendar – This plugin allows you to build eye-catching event designs and export events in various formats.
  • WP Event Manager – Get this plugin to simplify users searching for and finding similar events by utilizing AJAX-powered filterable event listings.

We hope this post helps you choose the best event plugin for your WordPress site. You may also see our list of best WordPress table plugins to show your data in a table format.